Jungle Safari Tour

Jungle Safari Tour                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Nepal Has ten  National Parks, Four Wildlife Reserves,  twelve buffer zones, six Conservation Areas and three Wildlife ReservesAnd Three Conservation Areas. Almost 15,000 Square Kilometers, 18 Percent Land Of The Total Area Of Nepal Is Protected. This Is An Amazing Commitment To Conservation, Isn’t It? The Terai Lowlands Are Defined By A Belt Of Well-Watered Floodplains Stretching From The Indian Border Northward To The First Slopes Of The Bhabhar And The Siwalik Range.Roaming around the National Park on the Elephant back safari, Elephant Briefing & Bathing, bunker canoee ride, Bird Watching, Jungle Walk, Crocodile Walk is the most thrilling moment with various safari activities.